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Boycott Disney! Because God says so!

"..and thou art a faggot. Repent or I shall smite thee" --Matthew 28:21

Disney has gone too far this time. The once wholesome Disney company has recently began treating gays like humans. We must put an end to this. Gay people are nothing more than animals they are attracted to and lie down with members of the same sex. This is sickening. Gays will ruin the family structure. How can a child grow up normal if they have 2 gay parents? They can't. The child will grow to be a giant gay monster (similar to a werewolf) and they will go around a bite innocent people and infect them with the gay virus. We must rise against these monsters. By making Disney stop helping these monsters breed we can fight them more easily. You must obtain these items to fight these weregays:

  • Cross
  • Something silver
  • Garlic
  • Clothes that clash
  • A swastika

    Use these weapons on all Disney employees or anyone who looks gay. Be careful of the weregays leader, Ellen DeGeneres. She is the most powerful one of them all. She can use her gaystare to convert people into her coven. We have to remove her show from the television. She recruits millions of people every night. Ellen must be stopped!

    We must rise up and fight these weregays because everyone knows that gays and weregays all worship SATAN! Devil worshippers all of them! Satan has stolen these once innocent people and made them sinful animals. Satan has taken them to the other side gays like to have fun and party. This is evil. We can't sit on our hands and let these people have fun! We don't have fun. God frowns on that.

    If you want to go to heaven you must boycott anything related to Disney, this means any Disney movie, ABC, Miramax films, etc.. You can not let your children watch the new Disney cartoons. These cartoons will recruit your children into Disney's homosexual army.

    Disney also promotes free thinking! Disney has shows and movies that have an opinion that is not god's. They show that people can think for themselves and form their own opinions! We can not tolerate this! We have spent years training our children to think like us and we will not have anyone telling them that they can think for themselves. Satan is running rampant at Disney!

    Disney's Hollywood music label has a satanic band on its payroll. Satanic! God help us! Of course I have not listened to this record but I understand that it's bad. I don't listen to rock and roll. It's evil in its own right. (except Christian rock n roll) The beating rhythms inspire sexual thought and we can not have sexual thought. Sex is not about pleasure. I only have sex to procreate. That's the way God wants it.

    Disney owned ABC had shows that are written and produced by SATAN! Sabrina the teenage witch is a show (for children, god help us all!) that revolves around a WITCH and to LESBIAN "aunts". What will this show do to our children? I believe that we will have a bunch of lesbian witches stealing and eating the young! How can Disney back this show that will inspire children to become cannibal lesbian witches? I just don't know. Nothing Sacred is a show about a catholic priest who is questioning his faith! Questioning his faith! How can anyone question his faith! How dare he! Damn independent thinker! We can't have anyone else leave the faith, we have a quota to keep.

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